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  • 4 September 2008


The housemates watched an episode of 'Big Brother' last night. The group were given the treat after they successfully completed the Big Brother Rap task yesterday, and were given three episodes - number one, where they entered the house, number seven, where they took the Electric Shock challenge and number 55, where they started the Cops and Robbers task - to choose from.

They all agreed to opt for the Cops and Robbers episode, as that was the only one which featured Sara who did not enter the house until week four.

Reactions to the viewing were generally good, although Rachel looked shocked when she watched Stuart and Luke bitch about her.

The group giggled as Darnell described himself as the "most paranoid person in the world" but there was an uncomfortable silence when Lisa - who had been tasked with picked Rex' girlfriend Nicole out of a police line-up - described Nicole as "the more common looking" of the possibilities.

When the episode had finished, the excited housemates termed it "unbelievable" and "awesome".

Rachel claimed she had "got a lot from that" while Darnell said he was "satisfied" with the way he was portrayed.

However, Sara was upset she had not appeared much on screen and also moaned her nose looked big, prompting Rex to call it "bulbous".

Rex was also shocked at the way Kathreya - who was evicted on Tuesday - came across, saying: "It's not as we know Kat. She didn't come across as sweet at all."

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