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  • 3 September 2008


Rex teased Mikey this afternoon, and then decided to laugh at all the ex-housemates who hadn't made it to the 'Big Brother' final. As Darnell, Sara and Mikey lay relaxing in the living room, Rex decided to spice up their afternoon by picking on Mikey.

Mikey said: "Wow. This house feels empty."

Cheeky Rex - who has continually argued with the foul-mouthed comic - replied: "You're not Mikey. You've got your three best friends in here."

Mikey responded: "You three aren't best friends!"

Stifling his giggles, Rex said: "I thought us three were your best friends Mikey."

Darnell then joined in, saying: "Yeah! You got your three best friends here!"

Mikey muttered: "I couldn't care less about friends in the final to be honest."

Rex exclaimed: "As long as you're there, eh Mikey? Who cares?"

As Darnell sat sniggering, Mikey mumbled: "What I mean is..."

Rex interjected: "No, I know what you mean Mikey. I'm deeply offended."

Not realised the chef was joking, Mikey said: "What I mean it, everybody deserves to get to this stage who has got to this stage. That's all I mean."

Bored of teasing Mikey, Rex then began discussing the final night.

He said: "How mad is it that the rest of the housemates sit on that stage, yeah, because they all come onto the stage at the same time, they all sit down, then they watch the last show, then they watch us lot coming out. As housemates you'd be p***ed you weren't in it wouldn't you?"

Honest Darnell replied: "I would. A lot of people would but they wouldn't admit it. See, I'll admit it."

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