Darnell's rap delight

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  • 3 September 2008


The 'Big Brother' housemates completed their rapping task this afternoon. The group were tasked with creating rhymes about their time in the house and once they had written their verses they were provided with costumes - consisting of baggy jeans, baseball hats and lots of gold jewellery - in which to perform.

Musician Darnell - who has entertained the house with his song-writing skills and ability to rap about any subject - was the first to take to the stage, and wowed the rest of the group with his performance.

He began: "Big Brother House, this is Darnell. You are now live on BB9. Please continue to party."

All traces on nerves gone, he continued: "House full of cookie love, House full of Baddy Bees/ When one gotta go, it's sad to see/ When I stepped through the door, what did I saw?/ Housemates, housemates pacing 'bout the floor/ One with a cookie jar, one with an afro/ And we gonna keep it rocking like Status Quo."

As his rap came to an end, the rest of the contestants looked amazed at just how good he had been.

Rachel announced: "Awesome. That was brilliant. I want to watch it again!"

Modest Darnell replied: "I forgot one bit and put it in a different place."

However, Rex was more concerned about how he would follow Darnell's stellar performance.

Possible realising his rap would not be quite so successful, he said: "Oh my God. I can't remember any of mine!"

His performance done, the chef began to complain it made him look "stupid", adding: "That is one episode I will not be watching."

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