Sara's public warning

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 September 2008


Sara and Mikey discussed their worries about the public this afternoon. Although the two 'Big Brother' housemates were initially excited as they chatted about making it to the final, they soon began to worry as their realised their future is in the hands of the public.

Sara screeched: "We're in the final now Mikey, we can just relax! No more heart-racing!"

Mikey replied: "You feel better. You can't now say to people in this room, 'You shouldn't be in the final.' No-one can say that."

Sara agreed: "No, because it's up to the public and they've voted and that's it."

Pondering this, Mikey said: "You need to respect them."

Sara continued: "Exactly, because it's their show now. It is their show. It's 'Big Brother', but the public run the show."

As Mikey looked at her blankly, Sara tried to explain her point: "The housemates have a part to play, but from this point on the public run it. The public have always had a part, but through nominations it's been half the housemates."

Finally understanding her, Mikey added: "The week that Dale and Stuart were up I'm sure there were lots of people outside thinking, 'I don't want any of these to go.' It's like we force it on them."

Sara added ominously: "But now it's just Big Brother and the public."

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