Jerry O'Connell's royal daughters

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  • 3 September 2008

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell says his unborn twin daughters can only date kings

The 'Jerry Maguire' actor, whose wife Rebecca Romijn is five months pregnant, originally said his girls couldn't have sex until he dies but has now backtracked and will allow them to date royalty.

He said: "I was a little strict when I first found out I was having girls. I was like, 'They're not allowed to date until I die.' That was my original thought. They can date boys when I'm dead.

"Then I said, 'OK, they can date when I'm alive, but it has to be with men who are currently, or heir to, running a country.' Someone who is a world leader. They are allowed to date boys but it has to be a boy who is heir to a throne of a nation. I don't care which nation - just a nation."

Jerry, 34, also revealed the 'Ugly Betty' star's pregnancy has made him calmer and helped put his life in perspective.

The actor - who is currently starring in US TV show 'Do Not Disturb'- added: "What's funny is I'll stress out and then I'll come home and my wife will be like, 'Feel the babies,' and then I'll feel them and I'm like, 'Wow, what am I stressed out for?' Just have healthy kids."

Jerry, who wed Rebecca wed last year in an intimate Los Angeles ceremony, also confirmed the couple will name one of their daughters Dolly and are now considering paying tribute to another famous female singer.

He said: "We're probably, most definitely, going to name one of them Dolly because my wife is such a Dolly Parton fan and believe it or not Dolly Parton's name is Dolly Rebecca. So I was joking that if one of them was Dolly, we should name the other one Lama. That would be funny. Or what about Dolly and Cher? It's like - destined for stardom."

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