Cocktail Kudos

Chris Stock of Bramble Bar

Chris Stock, the newly appointed assistant bar manager of Edinburgh's Bramble Bar, shares his latest cocktail innovation with The List: 'I invented this one especially for cocktail competitions, and call it The Green Dragon Julep. I make it by smashing two slices of fresh ginger, then mixing in 60ml of Glenfiddich 12 year-old Special Reserve, 15ml of honey water and eight leaves of apple-mint. Finally, I add a pinch of green tea powder, shake vigorously, and double strain over crushed ice into a Julep cup.' Stock was inspired by a popular Chinese combination of green tea and whisky. He explains, 'The Glenfiddich 12 year-old has a subtle sweetness, while the hints of apple, honey and ginger work perfectly with the refreshing tannins in the green tea and the gentle bite of fresh mint.' Stock hopes that anyone with preconceived opinions about whisky will try the drink and appreciate the adaptability and diversity of single malts.

Bramble Bar, 16a Queen Street, Edinburgh.

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