Introducing: Soundcrash

The Bug

Residents: Big Dada’s regular tour DJ and a contender for the title of ‘Aberdeen’s most famous DJ’, A’ La Fu. Also Mixed Bizness’ Boom Monk Ben, although he’ll only be appearing at this first instalment in his guise of promoter.

Guests: The riotous ragga, grime and dancehall fusion of The Bug (aka Londoner Kevin Martin), who has released material on Ninja Tune, Rephlex and Soul Jazz. He’ll be joined by regular collaborator Warrior Queen, and the pair will be using Mungo’s Hi-Fi’s mighty soundsystem. Also included in the line-up are Soundcrash Records’ own glitch-dub artiste Memory9 and the label’s own Rob Soundcrash, all the way from London.

Music policy: ‘Alternative hip hop, Warp, Ninja Tune, reggae,’ says ‘Boom Monk’ Ben Coghill. ‘A select amount of really good alternative electronic and organic music, really.’

What they say: ‘Soundcrash do a lot of very high quality clubs in London and Bristol already,’ says Coghill, ‘and they first got in touch with me when they put Method Man on at the Academy in Glasgow earlier this year. They were just looking to be pointed in the right direction at first, but we discovered we had the same attitudes to work and the kind of music we each wanted to promote, so they asked me to take a more prominent role in promoting Soundcrash up here. It’ll be a bi-monthly club, and the next date will be a Ninja Tune special in November, we’ll also be presenting a live date by the Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA in the same month.’

What we say: With a bill like this, you won’t be disappointed with this first part of what promises to be a big regular fixture for Glasgow. Brilliantly, entry also gets you into Ballers Social Club’s first birthday downstairs, with guests Platinum Pied Pipers, Andrew Meza and Hudson Mohawke.

Soundcrash is at the Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Fri 12 Sep.

Soundcrash and Ballers Social Club

A special two-for-one entry deal on a pair of great clubs, with Soundcrash's debut Glasgow night featuring electro-dub style sounds from The Bug, Warrior Queen and regulars Memory9 and Rob Soundcrash. Meanwhile, Ballers' first birthday presents Platinum Pied Pipers, Andrew Meza and Hudson Mohawke.

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