Wrong Island

Wrong Island

‘Last month, a guy from London came up to us and said, “this is exactly what I remember the old Basement Jaxx parties being like”,’ says Teamy, co-promoter and DJ at Sleazy’s finest basement party since it won itself a late licence. ‘That’s just what we’re trying to do: a no-holds-barred celebration of anything that’s danceable. Larry plays electro and dubstep, I play acid house and disco, and we meet in the middle around the techno area.’

When Teamy’s old Smash Team Disco night at the Admiral finished and his partner in Wrong Island, Larry (ex of the School of Art’s Eskrima, ‘also known as Dirty Larry, Leisure Suit Larry . . .’), returned from living abroad, the situation was just right for the pair of old friends to finally work together. ‘Doing this in Sleazy’s basement is the most fun,’ says Teamy. ‘You have people coming down from the bar upstairs who maybe wouldn’t dance much otherwise; others randomly coming in off the street and folk who actually do come to see us. It’s perfect.’

He’s also equally pleased with their first birthday guest, Xaver Naudascher, one half of Berlin-based duo Mogg and Naudascher, whose new project, Moon Unit, will be playing Optimo on Sunday 5 October. ‘I’ll give my best to make Scotland dance, scream and throw its hands in the air,’ says Naudascher, entering into the spirit. ‘I heard that Scots are real party animals so I think I might be able to succeed there.’

Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Sat 13 Sep.

Wrong Island

Electro, techno and all kinds of mash-ups from the Wrong Island DJs.


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