Fast punk club

Fast punk club

‘We call it a punk night,’ says Christopher Fast, ‘but it’s more about a punk attitude to music. From rockabilly, 60s soul, garage and hip hop to disco and electro, we set out to make different genres work together in an interesting way.’ For five years, self-confessed ‘record-collecting obsessive’ Fast has been whipping the Bongo Club’s dancefloor into a frenzy with DJ and promotion partner George Bloodfeast, spinning a thrilling mix of tunes alongside the latest hotly tipped live bands.

Club Fast was launched after a pub chat about providing the Edinburgh scene with a genuine alternative. To date The Royal We, X-Vectors, These New Puritans, Gay Against You and Dolby Anol are just a few examples of the explosive acts who have darkened the club’s doors since it first opened. For this forthcoming fifth birthday bash Kiwi punk-funkers So So Modern appear along with a host of surprises. ‘We can’t believe we’ve lasted this long,’ laughs Fast, ‘so we’re planning a really special night to celebrate. Plus, there’s the country club upstairs with Keith Douglas playing his blend of Roy Orbison-esque pop if anyone feels things are getting too raucous.’

With anthems courtesy of The Fall, Gloria Jones, Late Of The Pier and The Rapture drawing a devoted crowd over the years and an impressive range of guests already booked for the coming months, Fast is going from strength to strength. So what is the secret to the club’s continuing success? ‘We’ve always done it our way,’ says the DJ. ‘We’ve never booked a band we don’t like just to get people in, and we’ve always pleased ourselves first and then hoped that would please other people, which luckily it has.’

The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 5 Sep


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More riotous punk, electro, garage and rock'n'roll as Fast returns for one night only.

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