Sex and Chocolate

Sex and Chocolate

A 50th birthday. Alone. In your office while your colleagues are out on the razz. This tripartite hell sounds like the stuff of a depressing dramatic monologue rather than a fantasy romp, but life-affirming comedy is precisely the aim of writer Rona Munro and actress Fiona Knowles, who enjoyed sell-out success with their one-woman spectacular Sex and Chocolate when it was first performed in 2000.

Performer Knowles describes the need for an uplifting take on that dreaded watershed birthday. 'The play is about a time in the central character's life when she goes, "Oh my God, my kids have left home, I've left an abusive relationship and I have to make a life for myself."' The play features an injection of go-get-'em spirit in the face of a youth-obsessed culture as we follow Jan's personal revelations. 'By the end of the play the protagonist recognises that she's become the woman she always wanted to be, and never realised that she was,' says Knowles.

Written to commemorate her own half-century, Sex and Chocolate is a particularly special piece for Knowles so she is thrilled to be touring it again. She does, however, have one word of warning for anyone planning to grab a ticket: 'The audience will have to suspend their disbelief because I'm 59 now,' she giggles.

Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Thu 11 Sep

Sex And Chocolate

The MsFits present this bittersweet comedy about life, love, mobsters and Maltesers.

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