Constantines - Kensington Heights (3 stars)

Constantines - Kensington Heights

Constantines - Kensington Heights (Arts and Crafts)

Look up ‘nearly men’ in the Dictionary of Obscure Indie Rock Lore and you’ll find a long, arduous, hand wringing essay about Constantines. A band who in nine years, have never quite had their moment in the sunshine but work away feverishly, secretly knowing they’re unlikely to ever find much use for those nice Ray Bans.

The Canadian quintet have grafted at a Fugazi-fronted-by-Springsteen conflation that is equal parts literate skill and angular rock passion, but has consistently fallen between the stools of musical fad and fashion.

Kensington Heights is a glorious bombast and filled with soulful reflection and good, honest perspiration. The songwriting is not quite as tense as their previous pair of genius albums but shows a band still hugely deserving of our fan mail, stalker messages and pairs of racy underwear. Go see them live this month and launch all three stage-ward.


Alternative rock action to cross the indie/punk divide.

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