Elvis vs Spankox - Elvis Re:versions (1 star)

Elvis vs Spankox - Elvis Re:visions

Elvis vs Spankox - Elvis Re:versions (SonyBMG)

The world is a hard cruel place. War, famine, death, destruction, pain, suffering, poverty and disease all blight our soon-to-be not very green planet. Why, oh why then add to the misery with something so callous, contemptible and unthinking as this album of remixes of the King’s early back catalogue by a ham-fisted, drum machine bothering Italian house DJ?

Have you ever thought when listening to the brittle beauty of ‘That’s Alright Mama’ that it would benefit from being flattened, straightened and cuffed to a lumpen breakbeat? Or what about ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ chopped and mashed into a puree of sloppy vocal loops? Thought not. Did Jive Bunny die for nothing? Stop this madness.


1. Luke TCB25 Dec 2008, 10:30pm Report

Either the reviewer was under the effect of some strange drug or he heard another CD. This album is fantastic, no matter what these people say. From a true Elvis fan.

2. Luke TCB25 Dec 2008, 10:32pm Report

By the way... The reviewer couldn't even write the correct title: "Re:Versions", not "Re:Visions"... What a...

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