Haftor Medboe Group - New: Happy (3 stars)

Haftor Medboe Group - New: Happy

Haftor Medboe Group - New: Happy (Fabrikant Records)

The current line-up of Haftor Medbøe’s group is the strongest yet. The guitarist’s accomplished soloing is supported by powerful contributions from two of the leading horn players on the Scottish scene, saxophonist Konrad Wiszniewski and trombonist Chris Greive, while Danish bass player Eva Malling and Icelandic percussionist Signy Jakobsdottir add shimmering colour and rhythmic drive in response to the shifting needs of the music.

The guitarist’s new compositions continue to evolve his exploration of jazz-rooted but pop-aware instrumental forms. His writing pays characteristically careful attention to intricacies of musical texture, timbre and interwoven electronic effects, but the slower moving and more impressionistic elements are balanced by highly energised accelerations that raise both the temperature and momentum of the music. Available as an on-line exclusive from http://www.fabrikant-records.net/

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