Underling - Underling (3 stars)

Underling - Underling

Underling - Underling (Cymatics)

Based in Dunfermline, Underling pull off the hitherto impossible trick of making the Kingdom of Fife sound like a district of Brooklyn. Their music is played live, a light but spirited bed of intently grooving jazz, through which Aron Moorhouse’s raps attain a certain kind of indistinct transatlantic buzz. While his accent flattens though, his delivery is purposeful and precise.

In all fairness, Underling do sound a bit Ninja Tune circa the late 90s – or perhaps as if they’ve worn a hole in all their DJ Shadow LPs by playing them late into the night amidst a suspicious-smelling fog. Yet if that’s your bag, then you’ll definitely want to take this fine debut home in it.

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