5 things you might not know about Pete Firman


This article is from 2008.

5 things you might not know about Pete Firman
  1. Firman was born in Middlesbrough, also the birthplace of one Paul Daniels. He won his school talent show twice and later studied theatre in Scarborough.
  2. Having spent his teenage years practising magic, he made the breakthrough into TV by filming himself doing some tricks in his back garden. In the snow. In his underpants. He sent the audition tape to Five and gained a slot on Monkey Magic alongside the likes of fellow trickster Ali Cook.
  3. Firman was hugely influenced by Penn and Teller, who were the first magicians he saw who did tricks with blood. From that moment on, he knew his future lay in 'blending' mice, 'drinking' the juice and then 'regurgitating' the little rodent.
  4. Faced with the Underbelly being closed during his Fringe debut in 2007 - post-smoking-ban - because of his grand finale in Hokum which featured him eating lit cigarettes, Firman instead did a trick with an egg and sparkler which went down a storm.
  5. His ultimate aim is to make an audience realise that they are effectively involved in the devilment happening on stage. He summed up his philosophy recently to a Canadian magazine: 'Whether they're watching through their fingers or wondering if what they're seeing is real, they can't really watch it passively. You're immediately engaged and mildly disgusted. Which is a good combination.'

The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 16 Sep; The Stand, Glasgow, Wed 17 Sep.

This article is from 2008.

Pete Firman

  • 4 stars

Entertainment from the comedian and magician, star of BBC 1's Magicians, bringing together weird tricks and a cocky performance.

ARC: Stockton Arts Centre, Stockton-on-Tees

Sat 29 Oct

£10–£15.50 (£13.50) / 01642 525199

Artrix, Bromsgrove

Wed 26 Oct

£15.50 / 01527 577330

Burnley Mechanics

Fri 28 Oct

£15.50 / 01282 664400

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Pete Firman - Flim Flam

Is he a magician? Comedian? TV presenter? Do we care? Fringe favourite Pete Firman is a true showman and is bringing his sparkling new show to the Stand.


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