Also published - 5 History paperbacks

  • The List
  • 4 September 2008
  • Germaine Greer - Shakespeare's Wife
    The Aussie academic's biography of Anne Hathaway is neatly wrapped up in a telling of the social history of Will's time. Bloomsbury.
  • Lucy Worsley - Cavalier
    The history of stately home life in the 17th century is featured in a book rammed with conspiracies, sexual intrigue and good old-fashioned gossip. Faber.
  • TJ English - The Havana Mob
    The debauchery and corruption that Castro got shot of is detailed in this tale of the gangsters, gamblers and showgirls of 1950s Cuba. Mainstream.
  • Richard Fortey - The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum
    We get a celebration of the museum's pioneering work and the eccentric characters and infighting involved. Perennial.
  • John Man - The Terracotta Army
    This is the incredible story of China's most famous archaeological treasure, the 8000 figures of warriors and horses belonging to the First Emperor. Bantam.

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