Tibor Fischer - Good to be God (4 stars)

Tibor Fischer - Good to be God

Tibor Fischer - Good to be God (Alma Books)

Tyndale Corbett is worried that 'do-gooding, over-forgiving softies' have given religion a bad name. After stealing a friend's identity and fleeing to Miami to escape his dead-end existence, he wants to con a congregation into believing he's God. Decency and law-abiding got him nowhere, but his new role as a humble, yet hard-nosed vigilante, dishing out rough justice amongst South Beach's crack dealers, bullshitters and blamers, leads him to unexpected enlightenment.

Tibor Fischer's surreal morality tale is bullet-riddled with wisdom, but freed from worthiness thanks to his brilliantly dry, warped humour. Narrated by a washed-up loser who's met one too many wiseguys, Fischer is fooling no one. He delivers the gospel according to a very intelligent, far from perfect man (a bit like his fantasy plot, which revisits common ground from his previous novels), and although he'd like us to believe Corbett's a wrinkly old cynic, the black comedy lets slip his compassionate side.

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