Five reasons to go and see: Swervedriver

Five reasons to go and see: Swervedriver

1 The shoegazing revival starts here!

OK, Swervedriver were kind of more grungy than shoegazing, but the ballistic Oxford outfit had feet in both camps, creating a mesmerising racket on a par with My Bloody Valentine and Ride for the whole of the 90s until they went on indefinite hiatus in 1999.

2 ‘Son of Mustang Ford'

The band’s debut EP on Creation records in 1990 remains one of the highlights of that label’s early output, and something of a mini-anthem for British alternative rock before Britpop came along.

3 ‘Never Lose That Feeling’

Generally good advice for all music lovers, the band’s most successful single and a sentiment they clearly adhere to, since they reformed earlier this year for an extensive world tour and rumoured new recordings.

4 If it’s good enough for My Bloody Valentine and Pixies . . .

The trend for reforming indie, grunge, post-rock and shoegazing bands is a bit scary, but secretly we’re all loving it, aren’t we? Turn those amps up to eleven.

5 On a personal note . . .

A crappy grunge-punk band I was in years ago called Cheesegrater (yes, really) once supported Swervedriver at the Music Box in Edinburgh. It was our biggest ever gig, so big we even had laminated backstage passes for the first and last time. We split up soon after. Swervedriver were fucking great that night.

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Thu 18 Sep.


The return of the early 90s post-grungers who could out-riff many of the US bands they were inspired by.

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