Katherine Ryan's Duchess show cancelled

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 April 2021
Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan's Netflix show 'The Duchess' has been cancelled after one season because "not enough people watched it"

Katherine Ryan's show 'The Duchess' has been cancelled after one season.

The comedian revealed streaming giant Netflix have decided not to renew her show, which tells the story of a single mother living in London who considers having another baby with her enemy and the father of her daughter Olive, because "not enough people watched it".

Speaking on Vicky Pattison's The Secret To… podcast, Katherine explained their decision: "Netflix didn’t want to make any more, not enough people watched it.

"I think something like 10 million people watched it in 28 days and that wasn’t enough. But also, I’m not terribly sad about it. I feel like it’s a whole lot of work, a whole lot of time to make a sitcom. I was so grateful to able to make it, but I think it speaks for itself. I kind of like the way it ended."

Meanwhile, the 37-year comedienne previously opened up about how much she is like the show's lead character, revealing that Katherine the character is "more like her stage persona".

She said: "Her name is Katherine Ryan out of pure laziness because I always meant to change her name and then I just thought, 'Oh well'. The character is maybe more like my stage persona than she is like me, because in my real life, what is mirrored is that I do have a very special unique central mother-daughter relationship and it has always been prioritised above any other relationship in my life. I know Katherine has a unique world view and a real logical way of solving problems that ends up causing more problems for her, but she never disparages being a mom and that’s the same with me, I celebrate my relationship with my daughter and I’ve had other challenges in my life but parenting was never one of them."

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