Missing Twin presents (4 stars)

Missing Twin presents

Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh, Sat 23 Aug

Missing Twin is the publishing empire of cartoon genius Malcy Duff. Alongside geek-soul brother and Giant Tanker Ali Robertson, Duff makes up half of premier lo-fi fidgets, Usurper. This popcorn-friendly triple feature of late-night wow-and-splutter sees the lip of the Cameo stage show-casing an Eisensteinian cut-up of sound and vision.

Usurper themselves provide the opening funnies, as their increasingly artful exercises in toy-box scritch-n-scratch, here set to projections of Duff’s equally oddball art-works, are the next stage on from sound poet Bob Cobbing and post-Python pranksters The Bohman Brothers. Open Eye Duo who follow are a strictly B-movie deconstruction of floor-Tom and guitar via gaffa tape interventions.

Tonight’s main feature even has a disaster movie name. Towering Breaker work up a duet of pounding vibraphone minimalism to sensurround proportions. What’s fascinating is how the sound translates in a dead acoustic designed for film rather than assaulted by black box echo. Like glorified Foley artists providing Dolby-scale sound effects for slapstick Snuff, this particular brat pack are the real deal.

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