Paul Vickers and The Leg (4 stars)

Paul Vickers and The Leg

Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, Thu 28 Sep.

‘You’ve all soaked up the reverb a bit,’ noted Paul Vickers a couple of songs in, ‘which is good’. He seemed a bit dazed by this whole experience, although that might just be down to the ex-Dawn of the Replicants singer’s Henry Rollins meets Daniel Johnson brand of stage presence.

Still, it was a strange kind of a show, and not just because we were all crowded in the corner of the first floor gallery watching Vickers howl and growl at eye level. The gorgeous new Ingleby is also the site of Edinburgh’s famous old Venue, and nostalgia surged through the air just standing on the pavement.

This gig was both a finale to the Edinburgh Art Festival and a handy by-product of the fact the gallery and the band share personnel. Disguised in animal masks which are part Dr Seuss, part IRA, the eternally brilliant The Leg ploughed through a short set which included a quite sublimely incorrect cover of Cher’s ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’. ‘You’re not meant to play gigs in galleries,’ said Vickers warily, but – as one attendee noted – it’s not art if it’s not offending someone.

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