The Wave Pictures (4 stars)

The Wave Pictures

This trio may be from London, but the fine city of Glasgow is evidently a spiritual home for singer David Tattersall, who excitedly announces ‘I used to live here. I wrote this here!’ before one of the band’s raw but epic numbers, one of which includes the line ‘I like the view out of my Glasgow window’.

Not that his wistfully, warbling, Scott Walker-esque croon takes centre stage for the whole time: even the drummer gets a shot on lead vocals – just like Phil Collins rising from the Genesis drum kit to become lead singer, Tattersall explains.
But there’s something else coming in the air tonight, a definite trace of Jonathan Richman and the kind of energetically elegant ‘60s film score sounds pedalled so effectively by The Last Shadow Puppets.

Throw in a few extremely pleasing harmonies, the shrewdly-observed kitchen-sink drama of the lyrics and Tattersall finishing the set in style by stepping away from the mic as he carries on singing the last few bars, and ten years chipping away at the rock’n’roll coalface should hopefully pay off this time round.

Barfly, Glasgow, Fri 15 Aug

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