Kym Marsh: I will return to Coronation Street at some point

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  • 26 April 2021
Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh would like to return to ‘Coronation Street’ “at some point”, after departing in December 2019 to focus on other projects

Kym Marsh would like to return to ‘Coronation Street’ “at some point”.

The 44-year-old singer and actress played Michelle Connor on the ITV soap from 2006 until December 2019, and has said she hopes the door is still open for her character to make a return to Weatherfield in the future.

She said: "Obviously I do miss ‘Coronation Street’. I still keep in touch with everybody there and when I left, I did say it wouldn't be the end of Michelle.

"They did leave the door open and I would like to think that I would go back at some point. When, who knows? But one day definitely."

Kym – who was formerly a member of pop group Hear’Say – also admitted she was initially hesitant about walking away from the soap.

She added to TV Times Magazine: "You sit there and think, 'Am I mad?' But, at the same time, if you've got something that you want to do, you've got to do it. And I feel very grateful for the opportunities that I've had since."

Meanwhile, Kym previously insisted she will “dip [her] toe” back into ‘Corrie’ one day.

She said: "When I left, I always said I'd come back one day, and I will. I just needed to get out and take a little breather and do some other things. I have no doubt probably one day that I'll go back there and dip my toe back."

Kym has kept busy during her time away from the soap, but she admitted the COVID-19 pandemic stalled a lot of her plans for 2020 when the entertainment industry was heavily impacted by the coronavirus.

She explained: "I have been really busy and I’ve been so fortunate, but obviously the year I left was really weird.

"I left in October 2019 and went straight into doing loads of other bits and bobs and I had loads of stuff planned for the year after that obviously all fell through. I thought, oh no, what a year to leave!”

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