Alex Fletcher teases 'bad accident' for Hollyoaks character Diane Hutchinson

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  • 26 April 2021
Alex Fletcher

Alex Fletcher

Alex Fletcher has teased a “bad accident” is on the cards for her ‘Hollyoaks’ character Diane Hutchinson, who is currently battling OCD whilst pregnant

Alex Fletcher has teased a “bad accident” is on the cards for her ‘Hollyoaks’ character Diane Hutchinson.

The 44-year-old actress has let slip that her character in the Channel 4 soap will soon fall victim to a nasty accident, which will come as a result of her battle with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that has led her to be overly concerned with her family’s safety.

Diane – who is currently pregnant – has become obsessed with keeping her home clean and ensuring that her family is safe over recent weeks, and her worries are set to escalate when she starts to believe that the electrical system in her home isn't safe.

Her husband Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) tells her he’ll get an electrician to take a look at their wiring, but Diane becomes so concerned with the electrics that she cancels her ultrasound appointment.

Alex revealed: "She feels that she's had enough babies now to know that everything's fine. She won't go due to germs, and Tony believes she's overreacting. Tony doesn't know the first thing about obsessive compulsive disorder, and he just thinks Diane's being a typical pregnant lady, so he tries to be respectful and not start an argument with her."

Worried for Diane’s safety, Tony sends Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) to check up on his wife, but Diane becomes agitated about having Nancy in her home and forces her to leave.

However, once she’s alone, Diane is set to suffer an accident.

Alex added: "Diane has a bad accident because of the electrics she's obsessing over. It all gets out of hand – she's not coping at all, which is really sad. It pulls at my heartstrings when Diane has anxieties – it all goes at 100 miles an hour, and she just can't claw it back.

“By making sure everything's clean, tidy and everyone's safe, she's getting some of that control back. But Diane's checking everything all the time, then doubting that she's checked it in the first place, so doing it all again – she's physically drained."

The actress, who has played Diane since 2010, added that she feels "so lucky" to have been given another big storyline and has been pleased to be able to raise awareness of OCD.

She told Inside Soap magazine: "This has been trickier, as Diane has voices in her head so there are double the lines to learn, and almost like two roles to play. I've learned so much from the charity OCD UK, and spoken to those who were so honest about their experience.

"It can take over your life, affect your day and job, then there's the anxiety it brings, and how important it is to have support from family and friends."

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