Charlotte Crosby hits out at new show

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  • 24 April 2021
Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby has slammed a show for discussing her plastic surgery and said she was devastated that it aired

Charlotte Crosby has slammed a show for discussing her plastic surgery.

The 30-year-old 'Geordie Shore' star took to Twitter to blast Channel 5's 'Celebrities: What's Happened To Your Face?' for talking about her "plastic" and "cookie-cutter" face.

She wrote: "I cannot quite believe I am saying this but here goes. Last night, Channel 5 & Crackit Productions put out a one-hour documentary called ‘Celebrities – What Happened To Your Face – Charlotte Crosby'.

"In 2021 a main UK channel & production company believed it would be a good use of airtime to dissect my physical appearance.

"I have seen how many of you saw it, switched off & complained – many not even 'fans' of me, just good people who know right from wrong. Thank you for that, and for your messages of love and support.

“I am aware I have put myself and my face in the public eye. TV and broadcasting has given me and my family a life we could never have dreamed of.

"I enjoy it, am enormously grateful for it and many of my respected closest friends work within the industry.”

Charlotte went on to reveal that she initially tried to prevent the show from going ahead when she first heard about it.

She said: "Dealing with trolls is one thing, you ignore, you block. BUT where are we as a society when the trolls are the mainstream TV channels? Will they now take responsibility for my dip in mental health and my plummeted self-esteem?

"When is enough enough? Just because we’re in the public eye, doesn’t mean we aren’t human. Fortunately I’m strong enough to deal with it but many aren’t!"

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