David Walliams' talent for annoying Simon Cowell

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  • 24 April 2021
David Walliams and Simon Cowell

David Walliams and Simon Cowell

David Walliams says if he were to audition for 'Britain's Got Talent', his talent would be trying to annoy Simon Cowell

David Walliams loves annoying Simon Cowell.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge says if he were to audition for the ITV show, his special talent would be making his co-panellist miserable.

Speaking during a Q&A to celebrate 'Gangsta Granny: The Ride' which will open at Alton Towers Resort in May, he said: "I’d do so many things to annoy him, he doesn’t like loud noises and people close to him…I’d do some kind of act to make his life a misery."

And David admitted that a previous 'Britain’s Got Talent' contestant inspired him to create a character for one of his books.

He said: "He was buzzed off very quickly, but it got me thinking, I thought a man who eats live cockroaches, what else might he do? Might he turn rats into burgers? Might he have a van which he sells those burgers from? So sometimes I meet someone in real life it gives me an idea."

David, 49, who has son Alfred, seven, with ex-wife Lara Stone, also revealed that becoming a father is the best thing to ever happen to him.

He said: "Nothing beats being a father…as soon as you become a parent that’s the whole focus of your life and you wish you’d done it sooner."

'Gangsta Granny: The Ride' plans to open on Monday 17th of May – book tickets now at www.altontowers.com

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