Sue Holderness campaigning for 'more old people' to be on TV

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  • 23 April 2021
Sue Holderness as Estelle

Sue Holderness as Estelle

'EastEnders' newcomer and 'Only Fools and Horses' legend Sue Holderness has called for there to be "more old people" on TV who are "sexy and riotous" and "clearly still having a good time"

Sue Holderness is campaigning for there to be "more old people" on TV who are "sexy and riotous" – like her 'EastEnders' character Estelle.

The 'Only Fools and Horses' legend will make her debut in the BBC One soap next week, and the 71-year-old star is hoping to see similar characters to her new talent agent alter-ego popping up in other shows and serial dramas.

She said: "Most people think of retiring at 55 to 60, and to be allowed to work in your 70s is very nice.

"I'm campaigning for there to be more old people on telly, who are clearly still having a good time and flirting and being sexy and riotous.

"Estelle in 'EastEnders' is one of those people. Don't write off the grannies."

Sue used to be a big fan of watching 'EastEnders' legend Wendy Richard – who passed away in 2009 aged 65 – portray Pauline Fowlerback when the soap first started in February 1985.

When asked if she has always been an 'EastEnders' fan, Sue – who played Marlene Boyce in 'Only Fools' – told TV Times magazine: "Right at the beginning, I was.

"I was a great fan of Wendy Richard and watched it avidly.

"But over the years, because most of my career has been in the theatre, I've gone for long periods without seeing it.

"'EastEnders' started in 1985 and, back then, I usually played posh birds, so I thought, 'Great, I've got Marlene under my belt, maybe they'll invite me to be on the show because I've shown I can do downmarket as well as posh.' "

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