Zara McDermott to host BBC Three sexism documentary

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  • 23 April 2021
Zara McDermott

Zara McDermott

Zara McDermott will speak to school pupils to investigate sexism and rape culture in a new BBC Three documentary 'Zara McDermott: Sexism in Schools'

Zara McDermott is to host a new documentary, 'Sexism in Schools' .

Following the success of her first documentary 'Revenge Porn', the 'Love Island' star will speak to school pupils to hear their experiences of sexism and rape culture for the upcoming BBC Three documentary.

She said: “After the success of my 'Revenge Porn' documentary, I am both honoured and thrilled to be making my second documentary with BBC Three.

"I was, and still am, incredibly overwhelmed by the response so far and to be working on another powerful, emotive, educational and eye opening film is going to be a fantastic next step.

"I hope that by speaking out and bringing awareness to such important yet often taboo topics, we can help people not just across the country, but the world too.”

Zara will listen to school girls to understand how sexism affects them in a place where they should feel safe, as well as talking to boys and young men to hear their perception of sexism and if they know the issues that women face.

Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three, added: “Zara’s first BBC Three film about revenge porn was both shocking and eye-opening and the response has been incredible.

"We’re really looking forward to working with her again for this film that confronts another important subject that needs to be discussed and we’re hoping that this film will be equally impactful with our audience.”

It comes after 'Zara McDermott: Revenge Porn' was released earlier this year and has become the broadcaster's most-requested BBC Three factual programme of the year so far.

Zara was bullied in school when a boy shared a naked photo of her to his classmates, which led to her being suspended and victim-blamed.

She later suffered the same fate again when an ex-boyfriend shared an intimate photo on social media while she was in the 'Love Island' villa.

But now, the TV star is campaigning to stop victim-blaming and to call for true justice for the victims of revenge porn.

She previously explained: "The problem is when people say, 'Why did she do that?' and turn their noses up.

"I read some comments online under an article about it, and they were like, 'I’m confused as to why she’s [campaigning for awareness on revenge porn], considering she poses in a bikini on Instagram'.

"They’ve absolutely missed the point. I was completely violated and my trust was broken, someone broke the law – it’s not against the law to put bikini pictures on Instagram."

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