Callum Kerr 'gutted' as he exits Hollyoaks

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  • 23 April 2021
Callum Kerr as George Kiss

Callum Kerr

Former 'Hollyoaks' actor Callum Kerr is "gutted" he won't be able to share a screen with his co-stars again after his evil character PC George Kiss was killed off last night's (22.04.21) E4 first-look episode of the soap, but he is "really grateful" for his stint on the show

Callum Kerr is "gutted" about leaving 'Hollyoaks', but he feels "really grateful" for his stint on the show.

The Scottish actor's character PC George Kiss met a grisly end on last night's (22.04.21) E4 first-look episode of the soap as he was murdered outside The Dog in The Pond, and Callum thinks it was "perfect" timing for his domestic abuse plot to come to a conclusion as some fans were "calling for an end to it".

He said: "I think some of the fans who watch the show are ready for the storyline to finish because they're calling for an end to it! So I think it was pretty perfectly timed on Hollyoaks' part and I'm just really grateful to have been part of the show.

"I made some amazing friends, so I'm gutted that I won't be working with those really cool people every day. But we're all going to keep in touch and that's life, onto the next one – that's what we sign up for when we do anything creative. I can't be unhappy that it's over, just glad that it happened."

The storyline has seen Callum's character George – who first appeared in January 2020 – abusing his partner John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) for months.

After John Paul finally told his family about the horrific experiences he has faced, George was set to leave the village in the back of a cab – only for a mystery person to bump him off.

And Callum admitted he didn't know he was being killed off until the writers let him know their plan for evil George.

He added to Digital Spy: "It was the writers that came up with it. I knew my storyline was coming to an end, but I didn't know if he was going to flee the country, go to jail or die.

"It was their decision, but one that we talked through together and we agreed that it was the best course of action to give the story a proper ending."

George finally met his maker last night, after faking his own death earlier this week.


1. Thistle77🙊29 Apr 2021, 7:51pm Report

"I can't be unhappy that it's over - just glad that it happened" I like the way he thinks.

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