Pearl and the Puppets (3 stars)

Pearl and the Puppets

With a voice that’s as elegantly fiery as the red dress she wears to take to the stage, Katie Sutherland – aka Pearl – puts on a feistily charming and totally beguiling show for what she tells the crowd is her first-ever gig at Tut’s with the band.

With favourite ‘Mango Tree’ played early on, her smooth, velvety vocals provide light foil to her accompanying Puppets’ intensely pounding rhythm section that make the floor and walls shake with virtually every beat, increasing in momentum throughout the set.
Chattily telling the crowd that ‘it’s so good to be back in Glasgow doing a show’, she takes a solo turn at one point which puts her distinctive voice – part Regina Spektor, part Dolores O’Riordan, and at its best soaring through the high notes – centre stage.

The band admirably manage to keep things the right side of twee on a particularly Belle and Sebastian-esque number, a glockenspiel even joins in the fun and they even bow to pressure to play an extra song to keep the punters happy. And you can’t say fairer than that.

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Fri 18 Jul

Pearl & the Puppets

Acoustic show from this young Kirkintilloch singer/songwriter with a light, pop style, accompanied by Cara Mitchell.

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