Pete Bennett hits back at 'cruel' Imogen Thomas

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  • 22 April 2021
Pete Bennett

Pete Bennett

Pete Bennett has taken to Instagram to hit back at his former 'Big Brother' co-star Imogen Thomas

Pete Bennett has accused Imogen Thomas of trying to "shame" him over his tribute to Nikki Grahame.

The 39-year-old TV personality has hit back at his former 'Big Brother' co-star, describing Imogen as "cruel" after she claimed he'd cashed in on Nikki's death by revealing details of the final text message she sent to him.

In response to Imogen's accusations, Pete wrote on Instagram: "In such a sad time of grief I’ve just had to witness Imogen Thomas trying to publicly shame me on her Instagram.You know, ‘Nikki’s best friend’. I’m sorry but how cruel can you get? Now, About selling the final text, I didn’t sell anything, my tribute to Nikki in heat mag was from the heart and for no money and I sent love to nikkis family and friends in it too. Contrary to what Imogen is saying, Nikki gave me permission to upload the final picture of us saying it was a ‘lovely picture’. I put a link underneath the picture of the fundraiser to raise some funds for her care so she could get better whilst Imogen was promoting McCain oven chips and sending me daggers. (sic)"

Nikki – Pete's ex-girlfriend – passed away earlier this month aged 38 after a long battle with anorexia.

And Pete has accused Imogen of using the situation to garner public attention.

He wrote on the photo-sharing platform: "Imogen’s efforts at trolling me has gone too far now whilst I’m trying to grieve for Nikki and this crazy ownership Imogen thinks she has over (who nikkis friends are) needs to be stopped. I never claimed to be nikkis ‘best friend’ , but actions speak louder than words. Get over it Imogen, I was nikkis friend and leave me the f*** alone to grieve. Maybe you could do a nice tribute for her instead of lying about me publicly for attention (sic)"

Pete hit out at Imogen after she previously accused him of trying to profit from her passing.

The former Miss Wales winner wrote: "You Pete have no shame with your endless stories about Nikki. You saw her once within a year, took a haunting photo of her, put it up on Instagram against everyone's wishes claiming you helped her.

"You were not there for her. Now this is not about you – this is about Nikki. How dare you!

"Please allow her family and close friends grieve and stop cashing in at every opportunity selling last tests is the ultimate betrayal. I'm disgusted and feel for her family. Enough. (sic)"

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