Finding Nemo on Ice

Finding Nemo on Ice

Frozen water usually spells disaster for our aquatic friends, but the shoal of fish heading to Braehead Arena feel right at home on the ice. Featuring 38 competitive skaters, who have swapped medals for make-up, Finding Nemo On Ice mixes technical bravado with a touch of showbiz glamour.

One of the most popular films in the Disney/Pixar canon, Finding Nemo crosses the generational divide with its tale of a plucky young clownfish and his over-protective dad. Given its plethora of locations - the Great Barrier Reef, a dentist's office, the belly of a whale - recreating the film in a rink is no mean feat. But lugging sets onto the ice is a thing of the past, as Aberdonian skater, Scott Trowbridge explains.

'We have the largest projector screen in any travelling show,' he says. 'Which gives it a lot of depth. The show starts on a beach and travels down under the sea - and it really gives the impression you've gone into the ocean.' Playing the part of Nemo's dad, Marlin, 28-year-old Trowbridge has been skating with Disney for four years, and finds it a lot less pressured than impressing judges.

'It's very different from competitive skating,' he says. 'It's a lot more fun and even though I'm skating in front of far more people, I don't get as nervous because everybody is friendly and just wants to have a good time.' Trowbridge is responsible for one of the high points of Finding Nemo on Ice - a stunning backflip which took some mastering.

'It was difficult to get my head round at the start,' he admits. 'Because it's banned from competition so I'd never done it before. But now I do a backflip at every performance and it usually gets one of the biggest cheers in the show.'

Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Fri 12-Sun 21 Sep

Finding Nemo

Disney and Pixar have conspired to bring the little fish who could to an ice arena near you.


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