Charlie Brooks' evil Janine Butcher to make shock return to EastEnders

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  • 21 April 2021
Charlie Brooks

Charlie Brooks

The iconic ‘EastEnders’ villain Janine Butcher, played by Charlie Brooks, is set to make a return to the soap after seven years away from Walford

The iconic ‘EastEnders’ villain Janine Butcher is set to make a return to the soap.

Janine, who is played by Charlie Brooks, will make an explosive return to Walford in the BBC soap, seven years after she departed the show in 2014.

The murderous daughter of Frank Butcher was last seen in St Pancras as she boarded a train to go to Paris – where she joined daughter Scarlett and sister Diane – and her return to Albert Square will come as part of a huge storyline airing later this year.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Bosses have a huge story planned for Charlie’s return.

“They are keeping tight-lipped about whether Janine will come back as a reformed character after all the chaos she has caused in the past.

“But she certainly has a lot of history in Albert Square so whether she will be welcomed back with open arms or not remains to be seen.

“One thing the viewers can be sure about is that it is bound to be explosive. Wherever Janine goes, drama is never far behind.”

Actress Charlie, 39, will be coming back as a full-time cast member, and is reportedly set to start filming in the coming weeks.

Plot details are not yet known, but Janine has been involved in her fair share of drama during her time on the soap, which first began in 1999.

Most notably, Janine married Barry Evans – played by Shaun Williamson – for his money before pushing him off a cliff.

She went on to marry a rich elderly Jewish businessman called David, who died of a heart attack at the ceremony, before tying the knot with Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott), whom she also tried to kill.

Although she was unsuccessful in her murder plot against Ryan, she framed arch-rival Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) for the attempted crime.

Janine married a fourth time to Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) and had daughter Scarlett with him, before she eventually set out to kill him too.

The evil killer was successful in ending Michael’s life, but was found not guilty in court – leading to her being shunned by locals.

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