Melanie Hill's dog mess fury

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  • 21 April 2021
Melanie Hill

Melanie Hill

'Coronation Street' star Melanie Hill is no longer able to admire the "beautiful skies" in her local area anymore, because she needs to keep her head down to check for dog mess

Melanie Hill says dog mess in her local area is driving her "crazy".

The 'Coronation Street' actress loves to look up at the "beautiful skies" when the sun is out, but she isn't able to admire the splendour of her local area anymore because she needs to keep an eye out for any pooch poops.

She said: "I love looking upwards at beautiful skies, but the dog dirt where I live has gotten so bad that it means I've got to keep my eyes on the ground.

"It drives me crazy."

The 59-year-old star – who plays Cathy Matthews in the ITV soap – has to try to avoid mutt mess for five kilometres twice a week after she took up running during the first coronavirus pandemic lockdown last year.

She added to My Weekly magazine: "When the first lockdown started my husband and I thought we needed a strategy.

"We decided to have a routine, because you could so easily get to 2pm and have a gin and tonic.

"Luckily we stuck to it.

"I started running and I now do 5k twice a week, we walk a lot and we try to limit alcohol to once a week."

The former 'Waterloo Road' star recently admitted she has been able to ditch her gym membership thanks to her newfound love of exercising outdoors.

When asked what the most surprising thing 'Corrie' viewers may not know about her, she said: "Probably the fact that I take keep-fit quite seriously.

"I always have. I used to go to the gym in London and I always had a membership, but I've got rid of it now and started running outside and I like it better."

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