John Stapleton says blood thinners cost Lynn Faulds Wood her life

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  • 20 April 2021
John Stapleton

John Stapleton

Broadcaster John Stapleton reveals blood thinners cost his wife Lynn Faulds Wood - who sadly died in April last year - her life

John Stapleton has revealed blood thinners cost his wife Lynn Faulds Wood her life.

The 75-year-old broadcaster – whose partner tragically died in April last year after suffering a stroke and bleed on the brain – has opened up about his wife's battle with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), which can cause clots, strokes and heart attacks.

Writing in the Daily Mail newspaper, he said: "Despite all this, doctors said Lynn was managing her illness well. At the last test before her death, her blood consistency was described by our GP as ‘perfect’.

"So although her health was not great, we had no reason to think she would lose her life — until the stroke that night a year ago.

"The doctors told us it had been caused by a massive bleed on the brain. Apparently, warfarin can make the blood so thin, this can be the result — a drug meant to save her led to her death."

Lynn had previously been prescribed heparin and warfarin – used to thin blood to avoid clots – and John claimed she had been misdiagnosed before realising she had APS, with one doctor saying "there was nothing to worry about", and another said it was "just muscle strain".

He added while there was "tragic irony" in his wife dying hours after applauding the NHS, he insisted "everyone did their best".

He explained: "Yet another tragic irony: two hours before collapsing, Lynn and I had been clapping the NHS outside our home.

"After being taken to Charing Cross Hospital, she thanked staff for helping her, then lost consciousness. Eight hours later she died with me, our son Nick and his wife Lise at her bedside.

"We do not want to criticise anyone who tried to help Lynn. We feel sure everyone did their best. We just wish we all, many NHS staff included, knew more about the dreadful disease."

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