Bez dreams of joining Coronation Street

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  • 18 April 2021
Happy Mondays star Bez

Happy Mondays star Bez

Music star Bez has revealed he hopes to join 'Coronation Street' one day

Bez is desperate to join 'Coronation Street'.

The Happy Mondays star has revealed he'd relish the opportunity to appear in the long-running soap, but also revealed he'd prefer to play himself, rather than a fictional character.

Bez, 57, told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "I’d love to have a pint and prop up the Rovers in 'Coronation Street'. Imagine that. It would be amazing.

"I’d love them to write a part for me that would mean I could just be myself. Every part I’ve ever got, I’ve played myself. So I haven’t had to do much acting."

Bez previously appeared in 'Skins' and he's keen to add to his list of acting credits.

He explained: "I have done a little bit over the years. In some stuff it was only small roles. But it was acting. My name was in the credits.

"I forget what I am all about sometimes. I think, 'What the f*** am I doing now? I can’t believe what situation I’ve got myself into.'

"If any shows want me to be on, I’d be quite happy to join them."

Bez and Shaun Ryder have both become big hits with younger viewers in recent years, after starring together on 'Celebrity Gogglebox'.

The Happy Mondays duo won over a legion of new fans after their stint on the show.

A TV insider previously said: "Shaun and Bez have been a total hit on 'Gogglebox'. Producers have been featuring them more and more on the programme because the feedback from viewers has been absolutely amazing.

"They've got brilliant on-screen chemistry. Older viewers love them because they tell it like it is and they've built up a younger legion of followers who hadn't heard of them until watching them on 'Gogglebox'."

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