Prue Leith's 'life-saver' home

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  • 17 April 2021
Prue Leith

Prue Leith

While Prue was sad to leave her home after 40 years, she called the move to her new place a "life-saver"

Prue Leith says designing her new home has kept her busy during lockdown.

The 'Great British Bake Off' star and her husband John Playfair downsized from Prue's previous home of 40 years and while Prue was sad to leave, she called the move a "life-saver".

Writing in the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: "After four decades, and more memories than I can count, I was sad to leave that house and that kitchen. But the time for the inevitable downsizing had come. So two years ago, we started planning to build what my husband John rudely calls our 'eventide home' on the site of an old farmhouse we demolished.

"Having that clean-slate project to occupy us during lockdown has been a life-saver, while taking the sting out of leaving our old home."

And Prue, 81, can't wait to start entertaining in the house, and teaching her grandkids how to cook, once the COVID-19 lockdown lifts.

She said: "My only fear is that I might have built my new kitchen to suit my past life, not, perhaps, my next one. It wasn't planned to cook for two. Never mind — I shall continue to do this, but in batches, vacuum-packing future suppers with my pull-out Miele vac-packer (it sucks all the air out of a bag and seals it and is, I think, my favourite new gadget) and freezing them.

"And then, with luck, one fine day I'll resume teaching my grandchildren to cook. I'm very keen that they should make healthy things as well as the usual brownies, banana bread and cupcakes. They already know how to make bread and pizza, but I think they'd enjoy making risotto, Chinese dumplings, stuffed pancakes, or filo parcels filled with salmon.

"And, come summer (or summer 2022), we'll have the garden parties I've been dreaming of. I want to see children whizzing about the lawn, a group of people playing boules on the gravel outside the kitchen window, friends gassing with me while we dish up curry and griddle naan on my smart new built-in teppanyaki grill, and, with luck, my old man making cocktails."

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