Emmerdale's Amy Walsh auditioned for Rachel Breckle role

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  • 15 April 2021
Amy Walsh

Amy Walsh

'Emmerdale' star Amy Walsh auditioned to play Rachel Breckle - who was eventually portrayed by Gemma Oaten - before she was cast as Tracy Metcalfe

Amy Walsh initially auditioned to play Rachel Breckle on 'Emmerdale'.

The soap star – who has played Tracy Metcalfe on the ITV show since 2014 – originally tried out for the former Dales character, who was eventually portrayed by Gemma Oaten, and she now realises she "wasn't right for that role".

She told Inside Soap magazine: "Before Tracy, I tried out for the part of Rachel Breckle. "When I auditioned for Tracy, all the other actresses there were dressed like tomboys, and I thought I'd got it all wrong.

"But when I heard they wanted 'a tart with a heart', I thought, 'That's me, I've got it!'

"I'm glad I missed out on Rachel, as I wasn't right for that role. Tracy was just for me."

Amy instantly settles into the character of Tracy when she puts on her character's earrings, and she loves the opportunity to wear outfits she'd never go for in real life.

She said: "As soon as I put her earrings on, I feel like Tracy! Either the big hoops, or the dangling chandeliers.

"Also, if I have a quiff, I feel Tracy-fied. I love that I don't worry about how I look when I'm playing her.

"Tracy wears stuff I couldn't get away with, and is far less inhibited than me."

Amy often gives the wardrobe department tips on how to "trash it up a bit" to fit Tracy's style.

She added: "Sometimes, the costume department will give me something, and I'll say, 'That's too nice for Tracy, we need to trash it up a bit!' "

Tracy recently welcomed baby Frankie into the world on 'Emmerdale', and Amy admitted her co-stars kept thinking she was pregnant when they saw her on set with a baby bump, which she insisted is a real credit to the costume department.

She previously said: "Tracy's costumes are not that exciting. I'm not one of the more wealthy characters, who gets nice, designer handbags to get excited about.

"So I choose to get excited about a fake baby bump. It's funny because people think it's real.

"Someone in the canteen the other day said to me, 'I walked past the other day and thought you were really pregnant.' I was like, 'Good work, costume department.' "

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