Darnell's dress up

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  • 2 September 2008


Housemates dressed as Darnell for the first part of today's task. The 'Big Brother housemates were told they would be impersonating each other throughout the day, and would be provided with wigs and costumes to ensure their mimicking was as impressive as possible.

First up, the contestants were provided with Darnell costumes, which consisted of bright blue jumpers saying 'Don't Label Me Respect Me' and curly blonde wigs.

Sara was the first to get into character, and began shouting: "I am not special! I am not unique!"

Mikey was quick to follow suit, and leapt up from him chair bellowing: "Don't label me! Respect me!"

Sara then moved into the garden and began screaming, "Hook me up" much to the amusement of Darnell.

Still in character, Mikey wandered around the kitchen muttering: "I'm so complex."

He then told Rachel then should sit and have a deep and meaningful conversation at 5.30am in the basic bedroom, in a reference to Darnell's penchant for late-night chatter.

He the said: "You only wash the dishes on nomination day, you trying to win a few last minute votes?"

Darnell laughed along with the impressions at first, but soon became worried at the aggressive, paranoid and outraged portrayals some of the contestants were giving.

After Mohamed bellowed, "Respect me!" Darnell decided to share his worries.

Talking about the others' impressions of him, Darnell said: "This guy, he scares me, he's crazy. I don't like that guy."

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