Harry Visinoni bought black nail polish after Coronation Street scenes

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  • 14 April 2021
Harry Visinoni

Harry Visinoni

'Corrie' star Harry Visinoni was inspired by Seb's foray into "goth culture" and bought himself some black nail polish

Harry Visinoni bought himself some black nail polish after his 'Coronation Street' character embraced "goth culture".

The soap star – who has played Seb Franklin on the cobbles since 2016 – admitted he was inspired by his alter ego's change of style as he tried to fit in with Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher).

He told Inside Soap magazine: "Oh, I absolutely loved it, I really did!

"It's nice to get out of my normal Seb costume and try something different – and I must confess that I bought some black nail polish for myself afterwards!

"However, for Seb, it's not really about trying to impress Nina, because their relationship is so relaxed that he doesn't ever feel the need to do that.

"It's more a case that Seb feels anxious about fitting in with the goth culture – he feels a pressure to try out the look."

Harry also opened up on how much he and Mollie have enjoyed the romance between their characters, and they have been rehearsing over FaceTime amid filming restrictions due to the pandemic.

He added: "We've been practising our scenes together over FaceTime, just so we know what we're doing when we get to set, and we can try out different things.

"Plus, I've just loved these scenes so much that I want to play them as many times as I can!

"Working with Mollie has been lovely, we've become friends over the past few months, and get on really well."

And the actor admitted they both have high hopes for their characters' relationship.

"We both want to make sure we're doing the best possible job we can, as we think Seb and Nina are made for each other!"

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