Impersonation task

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  • 2 September 2008

Sara and Mikey

Housemates must impersonate each other for the latest 'Big Brother' task. The group was told to gather on the sofas this afternoon (2.01pm) while Rex went to the Diary Room to get the challenge instructions.

When he returned, he read: "Housemates must impersonate each other throughout the day. To clarify, at some point all housemates will become Darnell, Kathreya, Michael and so on..."

As the group giggled, serious Rex continued: "Throughout the day Big Brother will provide housemates with costumes that will relate to an individual housemate.

"If housemates perform this task to Big Brother's satisfaction Big Brother will reward them with a hamper full of alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates and such other wonders."

Mikey immediately piped up: "We've got to pass this task."

Mohamed added: "It's everything basically, it's everything we want."

Rachel squeaked: "Please be fruit, please be fruit, please be fruit."

After re-gaining order, Rex continued: "Big Brother will provide the costumes for each housemate. Big Brother will also provide housemates with a selection of face paints and make-up to wear throughout the day as they see fit. You must impersonate each housemate until further notice.

"If you are the housemate being impersonated you must where your own clothes until further notice. All housemates will be known as that housemate until further notice."

A worried Darnell commented: "We're gonna see how we're perceived."

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