P. Diddy's Alaska outrage

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  • 2 September 2008

P. Diddy

P. Diddy doesn't think there are any black people or "crackheads" in Alaska.

The music mogul has slammed Republican Presidential candidate John McCain's choice of potential vice president - Sarah Palin, from the remote US state of Alaska - insisting she has no idea about the real problems in America.

Diddy - who has changed his name to show his support for Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama - fumed: "This is a message to John McCain. My name is Diddy. You may know me by my government name which is Sean Combs, but my friends now me as a Diddy, a.k.a. So-Rock Obama.

"I had to check in with you to tell you are bugging the f**k out. I don't even understand what planet you are on right now. This is the job to be the leader of the free world. No disrespect, I love you, I want you to live to be 110, but things happen. What happened if god forbid, you became president. You got a running mate from Alaska? Come on man. I don't even know if there are any black people in Alaska. Come on!

"Sarah you need to be down with the whole cabinet. You are not ready to be no vice president. What is the reality in Alaska? There isn't even any crackheads in Alaska. There isn't any black people, no crime. There isn't even any foreign policies in Alaska. You need to get versed on black policies. We are the future."

Diddy has vowed to encourage "millions" of young people to come out and vote for Obama in November.

He added on his blog: "I am going to get focused and make sure that all the young ones, all the forgotten ones that they get busy on November 4 and vote in record numbers. This won't be the last time you hear my name. I am going to bring millions out to the polls to make sure.

"If you really think we are going to let you win this election with these crazy decisions that you are making then you are bugging. I am calling all youth, all colours, all youth voters - November 4 we have to protect our future because John McCain is bugging the f**k out."

Diddy also bizarrely suggested McCain should have asked his political opponent's wife to be his running mate.

He explained: "You should have got Michelle Obama to be your running mate - now that would have been strategic. This one right here is not respectful to our lives. Would you let her keep your kids? Raise your kids? For real? No.

You are my man, you are a war hero, but no way. You are bugging the f**k out. That is completely irresponsible."

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1. Lizznack3 Sep 2008, 4:50am Report

What a fool is all I can say. I am sure he intended nothing but to help Obama's campaign, but by being so ignorant about his fellow countrymen he has surely lost the respect of many individuals. This hasn't had any input on who I intend to vote for, but it has however forever changed my opinion on P.Diddy's level of intelligence and ability to research his facts.

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