Paranoid Mo

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 September 2008


Mohamed accused Kathreya and Sara of talking about him today. The paranoid 'Big Brother' housemate was adamant the pair were discussing him as they were swimming, and stormed into the house after telling them he knew what they were up to.

Sara and Kat were having a discussion - which was not about Mohamed - in the swimming pool when Sara decided they should at least attempt to do some exerice.

She said: "Let's do 10 more laps and then stop for another chat."

Kat agreed, and the pair merrily began swimming around the pool, with Sara shouting: "Come on Big Brother, make the pool warmer for us."

After their self-imposed exercise regime, the girls stopped again and settled down for another talk.

Suddenly, Mohamed flung open the living room door, popped his head through and began staring at them.

Kat said tentatively: "Hello?"

Mohamed replied: "I heard you two talking about me."

Sara replied: "No, we weren't speaking about anybody in the house."

Mohamed simply closed the door and said nothing.

Obviously amazed at his behaviour, Kat exclaimed: "How paranoid is the house?"

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