Danny Mac grateful for theatre work ahead of baby's birth

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  • 13 April 2021
Carley Stenson and Danny Mac

Danny Mac and Carley Stenson

Former 'Hollyoaks' actor Danny Mac feels grateful he has two theatre jobs lined up, in 'Pretty Woman: The Musical' and 'The Mousetrap', ahead of his and wife Carley Stenson's first child being born amid the coronavirus pandemic

Danny Mac has admitted it is "just as well" he has two jobs to go back to as he prepares to become a dad amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 33-year-old actor – who portrayed Mark "Dodger" Savage on 'Hollyoaks' from 2011 to 2015 – and his wife and former co-star Carley Stenson are expecting their first child together, and Danny feels grateful he has stage roles lined up in 'Pretty Woman: The Musical' and 'The Mousetrap'.

He said: "We're just getting on with it as best we can.

"We're so excited, and it is primarily the focus.

"It's just as well I've got two jobs to go back to, because I'm going to need them."

When asked if he will be able to fit everything in, he said: "Yeah, it will fit in. It has to.

"I'm just turning into an official grown-up now."

Danny was out of work during the first national lockdown as a result of the theatres closing, and while it initially felt like a "breath of fresh air", he now feels the break has "dragged on too long".

Speaking on 'Lorraine', he added: "It was strange as an actor to hit lockdown, because you are always in the rat race. Needing to find the next job and get the work.

"When you're out of work it can be nice for a couple of weeks if you've been busy, because you get a rest.

"Then you get really itchy.

"But to have a break from it all when you know the whole industry is shut down – it was a breath of fresh air.

"I've been so lucky to be so busy that I kind of needed to re-evaluate my life and get a bit of perspective and find out what was important.

"So to spend time with my family and wife was incredible for us.

"Then it just dragged on too long. The not knowing, the no work.

"And now we're all, as an entire planet, desperate for life to get back to normal." 

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