Emily Head admits her Syndicate dialect was a challenge

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  • 12 April 2021
Emily Head

Emily Head

London-born actress Emily Head was tasked with using a Geordie accent in 'The Syndicate'

Emily Head spent "a lot of time" with a dialect coach to refine her Geordie accent for 'The Syndicate'.

The 32-year-old actress was tasked with using a Geordie accent for her role in the show, and she admits it was a tough challenge.

The London-born star – who is the elder daughter of actor Anthony Head – told the BBC: "I worked on the accent a lot. Newcastle isn't an accent I've ever done before, so I spent a lot of time working on it at home and I hired a dialect coach to help me finesse it and make sure it sounded natural."

Joe Sugg also plays a northerner in the show, and he also admitted to struggling with his on-screeen accent.

The YouTube star said: "The biggest hurdle to cross and really prep for was Sam's accent.

"I've got a lot of fans of my previous work on YouTube who are from the north and will be completely honest if I did an awful accent.

"And what you don't realise is there are so many different regions and dialects all within the north.

"I love the challenge of doing different accents. It's one thing that I've always enjoyed doing since I was a kid.

"I'm a bit of a mimic, if I hear someone's voice long enough I can imitate their voice as well."

Last month, meanwhile, Katie McGlynn claimed that landing a role in 'The Syndicate' has saved her career.

The actress – who is best known for playing Sinead Tinker in 'Coronation Street' – admitted that landing a part on the TV drama series has proven to be a major turning point for her, as she was starting to fear for her long-term future in the industry.

She said: "As soon as I left 'Corrie', I didn't expect to get any work. I thought I'd give it a year. And I didn't expect the pandemic.

"So when I got the call from my agent about 'The Syndicate', I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I felt so grateful I could work. I counted my blessings."

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