Rex' winning prediction

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 September 2008


Rex has predicted Darnell will finish either first or second in 'Big Brother'. In a discussion with some of the other housemates last night, the arrogant playboy said he hoped someone "shocking" won the show and was particularly keen for Darnell to triumph.

He said: "I would love it if there was a complete shocker. I think the person who it would make the biggest difference to win would be you though, Darnell.

"That would give you everything you ever wanted. I'm going for Darnell in the top one or two. First or second place, 100 per cent."

The chef then began thinking about which of the other contestants might do well, and agreed with Kathreya that Rachel had a good chance.

However, Rex - who argued with Rachel over her decision to nominate him last night - claimed the Welsh beauty would only do well because of where she is from.

He said: "Rachel has, basically, the whole of Wales. Mikey has the whole of Scotland. And us lot share London."

Darnell added Mikey had a good chance of winning as many of the former housemates - such as Dale, Stuart, Bex and Luke - would be supporting him.

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