Daisy May Cooper hints at a This Country Christmas special

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  • 9 April 2021
Daisy May Cooper

Daisy May Cooper

Daisy May Cooper has suggested she wants to make a 'This Country' Christmas special

Daisy May Cooper is open to shooting a 'This Country' Christmas special.

The 34-year-old actress – who plays Kerry Mucklowe in the BBC series – has revealed she's keen to one day make a Christmas special, although there aren't any concrete plans in place at the moment.

Daisy – who co-created and co-wrote the show with her brother, Charlie Cooper – told 'The Jonathan Ross Show': "We might do … maybe we’ll do a Christmas special some time in the future, but I’m not sure yet."

Daisy's dad Paul Cooper also appeared in the show and she joked that working with him was "horrendous".

She quipped: "Dad was absolutely terrible. He couldn’t remember his lines. It was horrendous."

Daisy jokingly added: "‘[Charlie] wasn’t a professional actor. He went to uni to study sport science and then realised he was really thick."

By contrast, Daisy studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) – but she doesn't have fond memories of her experience.

She shared: "I absolutely hated it.

"I’m annoyed now I’ve got to pay my student loan back. One of the lessons used to be, this really old director that we had, he must have been in his 80s, who used to just fall asleep when watching you perform, his only note was, 'Do it better.'"

Daisy previously admitted she "hit rock bottom" after leaving the prestigious acting school, as she had to sign on at the Job Centre after struggling to find work.

Speaking about her pre-fame life, the actress said: "One of the bleakest [times] was going into the Job Centre after finishing RADA.

"All my peers had gone on to be really successful ... and I was back home and I was having to go to the f***** Job Centre."

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