Jessica Plummer 'mourning' her EastEnders character

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  • 8 April 2021
Jessica Plummer

Jessica Plummer

Jessica Plummer admitted she was in mourning for her 'EastEnders' character Chantell Atkins after she was killed off

'EastEnders' Jessica Plummer felt like part of her had died after watching her character's death.

The 28-year-old actress played hairdresser Chantell Atkins in the soap for two years before her character was killed by her abusive husband Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) and Jessica admitted she took a break from social media when the scenes aired.

She told "The response was phenomenal. It was weird to me because not only was I saying goodbye to a huge chapter of my life and loads of people that became really prominent people in my life.

"It was like I was saying goodbye to my character and I was mourning her, in a way. I remember on that Friday, watching that episode… I had to do the social media thing and say my thank yous, but I had to just turn my phone off and come off of social media for a couple of weeks."

Jessica also revealed she found it hard to deal with messages of condolences that she received.

She said: "It was really weird and it’s going to sound dramatic but I felt almost like a part of me had died. Because I was receiving messages like, 'Rest in peace'. It was like, 'Have I died? Why are people telling me to rest in peace?!'"

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