Adrian Dunbar: My car was blown up by Jerusalem terrorists

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  • 8 April 2021
Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Dunbar has recalled a holiday to Jerusalem with his family where his car was blown up by terrorists attacking US cars

Adrian Dunbar had his hire car blown up by terrorists during a family holiday to Jerusalem.

The 'Line of Duty' star was on holiday with his family when a group of terrorists decided to target them because they were driving an American car.

He explained on the 'How To Fail' podcast: "I remember once I was in Jerusalem with the family and we parked at the Nablus Gate and we walked into the city and we heard a bomb go off and we looked into the sky and I just knew it was our car.

"I said to Anna who was with the kids, 'I'm just going to look at something'. I went and I knew from where the direction was and we were driving an American budget car and they had identified the car as an American car."

Luckily, the family were all safe and had not left any valuables in the car so Adrian just "dealt with it".

He said: "I just dealt with it like, 'Oh someone has blown up our car.'"

The 62-year-old actor also explained how dangerous life on the road was when he went on tour in Northern Ireland with his band as a teenager.

He said: "When I played in the bands in Northern Ireland and you were travelling late at night it was very dangerous. I was in three or four accidents, mostly because people were tired at the wheel. But you did see scary things that un-nerved you or you just missed things.

"When you are late teens there is an air of excitement about all that. There is an excitement about living through a time when you have to grasp as much as you can because it may be taken from you. You felt so much alive but I don't think I have anything like PTSD which would come after an incident or a death."

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