Mel Giedroyc has seen Sue Perkins naked

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  • 7 April 2021
Mel Giedroyc

Mel Giedroyc

Mel Giedroyc has seen Sue Perkins naked "many times" but the best pals have never wanted to "seal the deal"

Mel Giedroyc says she has Sue Perkins naked "many times".

The 52-year-old TV presenter has revealed people often think the pair are in a relationship, and while they do see a lot of each other, the best pals have never felt the urge to "seal the deal".

She told 'The Andy Jaye Podcast': "I love Sue with every atom of my being and I hope vice versa. She is literally my bestest friend  and she is like family, but there has never, ever been an occasion where we have thought, 'So shall we seal the deal here?' "

The comedy duo rose to fame as Mel and Sue, co-hosting a series of TV shows before landing their award-winning gig on 'The Great British Bake Off' before leaving in 2016.

They co-hosted the baking competition for six years until its switch from BBC One to Channel 4 in 2016, and Sue recently admitted their departure left them feeling "incredibly hurt".

She said: "When we were there, Paul [Hollywood] was incredibly fun – and then stuff happened that made us incredibly sad and incredibly hurt.

"But he was always like family for years and years, and it's painful when those things end, especially in the way they did end. "I'm devastated about what happened, lots of it. I just feel that you become uncool and start pointing the finger and you become as bad as everybody else."

Mel and Sue, 51, left alongside judge Mary Berry, while Paul remained on the show following the channel move.

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